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Basic Statistics

Name: Morrock Christopher Lell

Nickname: None… except for insults like, 'moron'.

Meaning of name: None for first. Middle name means, "bearing Christ". Last name is just a modified version of "bell".

Origin of name: A pun on my (real life) initials.

Age: 1,913 (he's actually 'young' for his age…)

Sex: Male

Blood type: X… doesn't have any specific blood type. (He has blood.. he just doesn't have a type.)

Nationality: Lellite

Race/Species: Alfitarian version of a vampire

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Current status (marital/dating): Single (use to be married)

Police/Criminal/Legal record: High

Socioeconomic level as a child: Prince

Socioeconomic level as an adult: King-to-be. Still a prince until he rebuilds his kingdom.

Birth date: October 14th

Birth place: Castle Lell's infirmary

Current residence: Castle Lell (even though most of it's destroyed)

Occupation: Um.. prince?

Title/Rank: Prince

Hobbies/Pastimes: Sailing, sleeping, and adventuring.

Talents/Skills/Powers: Possession, can wield a scythe, flying, and magic.

Past History

Hometown: Lell

First Memory: Smacking into something, perhaps a wall? He doesn't remember. (Age 7)

Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: His mother's murder.

Why/How?: It made him feel uneasy… His mother was the vampire (while his father was "normal").

Other memories/events that still affects him/her and why/how: Being mistreated by his father. It led him to hate his father and… slightly fear him.

Past failures s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why: That he's scared of his father. Morrock's suppose to be strong.. why would he fear anyone?

Biggest role model: His mother

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 3" or 160cm (Dang he's short!)

Weight: 135 lbs

Posture: Straight, even when relaxed

Build: Skinny (but in a healthy way)

Skin: Pale/whitish

Hair: Dark gray with one lock of his being blond/golden yellow (right), purple (middle-ish), and black (left).

Widow's peak?: No

Ears: Smallish but pointy

Eyes: Narrow, red

Nose: Small

Mouth: Small (since his is so small (ish) his fangs will poke out)

Face shape: Ovalish

Expressions: He'll show all emotions but… just with a more serious/unhappy/angry showing as well

Describe their smile: Sheepish, sly, and is mostly being sarcastic when he does it. (Plus, his fangs stick out even more…)

Hands: His right's still normal; it's his left that's more interesting. It got chopped off after his father made the decree that 'all vampires shall be killed on sight' and it was done by his wife. He later then created a (slightly magical) mechanical hand to replace the one he lost… the mechanism stops one inch above his wrist.

Tattoos/Scars?: Around twenty, Morrock received the 'coming of age' tattoo on his back. This was a symbol that one day he could become king. He also has some scaring… When he lost his hand, Morrock put his (recently chopped off) hand into sunlight to make it burn…to stop the bleeding. Bears a cross-shaped scare on the left side of his forehead. Received it from a holy attack (also done by his wife), it's highly sensitive… therefore; he hides the scar as much as he can with a small blue elastic headband (slightly fails since some of the scar shows).

Left/Right handed?: Right

Distinguishing features: His scar, hair, 'showing' fangs, left hand, and 'always looking angry' makes him unique.

Who does s/he take after; mother or father?: A bit of both.

Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Elegant

How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Blue elastic headband, black (let's call it an 'opera' ) cape, mint ruffle/scarf, royal (ha) blue dress shirt, brown (ish) pants, and black leather dress shoes.

Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: Anything else that's dressy

Jewelry: Gold hoop earrings

Other accessories: Green belt (which he wears at a slight tilt)

Weapons: A white scythe that has gold 'here-and-there'

Health: 'Okay'

Hygiene: More than perfect! =D

Physical Flaws: Due to being skinny, he gets hungrier faster

Physical Qualities: Despite his physical appearance, he's strong… especially in his left hand…

Other Characteristics

Are they generally balanced or clumsy?: Balanced

Describe their walk: Not too slow, not too fast (he's almost always going somewhere anyways)

Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: Likes to freak people out, especially if he's going to feast on them soon. Will brush away his hair or his cape even if they're not in the way. Obsesses over his hygiene and/or clothes.

Speech Patterns: Straightforward and to the point. Doesn't want to waste time with any small useless discussions.

Do they curse, and if so, to what extent?: If something he found shocking (or whatnot), he'll curse.

Write a piece of dialogue that this character might say (can be between someone else): "Vengeance… As sweet as that sounds to my ears, it's not true justice."

Voice: Sounds like a healthy man who's in his late thirties or early forties.

Describe their laugh: Sudden escape and stops as quickly as it came.

Describe their sleep patterns (light/heavy sleeper, no sleep, sleeps too often, etc): When exhausted, he'll sleep without any trouble. If he fears for his life that someone's after him, he'll stay up during the day (out of sunlight).

Describe their daily rituals: Will wake up and try to wash up (do it anyways, even if he's washed the other day).

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Intelligence Level: Slightly higher than normal

Character's long-term goals/desires in life: To find a purpose

Character's short-term goals/desires in life: To find someone who doesn't care that he's a vampire…

Secret desires: Wants to be loved

How self-confident is the character?: Very, it sometimes gets to him

How do they see him/herself?: Someone who should still be respected as a prince even though he's been banished from his homeland.

How do they believe s/he is perceived by others?: Probably filth/slime/monstrous/a pest etc

What is the character most proud of?: His rank (even if banished, he's still a prince)

What does the character like least about themselves?: That his scar can be too sensitive at random moments

How do they express themselves?: Barely does it, but he'll voice himself or do a small gesture (for example, being worried).

Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: DOMINANT (Though he'll be submissive if doesn't want to hurt someone)

Patience level: (With 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) 4, he'll be patient for a little bit but he despises waiting

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: Both

Most at ease when: When he feels safe. If he's with someone, he'll rest his head on their back or whatnot. (Doesn't matter of the gender)

Ill at ease when: When he around someone who hates vampires

Describe their sense of humor: Doesn't really have one… he also rarely laughs

If granted one wish, what would it be?: Bring back his mother

Why?: Even though he'd love to see vampire haters die one by one… he doesn't view that as justice and a lot of them are just frighten people. His mother was the only person he truly felt safe around.

Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: He'll show people respect (only when he feels like it though)

Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: Will insult a person if he doesn't respect/trust/like them.

If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?: Humility (believe it or not)

If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?: Lust

Biggest Vulnerability (non physical): If he likes/cares about someone, he'll slightly fuss/worry over them

Greatest Fear: Someone hating him for what he is…

Other Fears/Insecurities/Phobias: Spiders (Not kidding. Just the mere thought of a spider freaks him out.)

Biggest regret: Killing his wife. Did it out of self-defense but still greatly regrets it since he loved her…

Other regrets: Telling his father to look for his journal… That was the day his father discovered that his wife was a vampire…

Biggest accomplishment: Not trying to kill people if they're just vampire haters (some of them are really young)

Minor accomplishments: Has an incredible self-restraint when he's hungry around people who he doesn't what to hurt.

Character's darkest/deepest secret: If you like vampires, he won't be shy around you…

Minor Secrets: Is sensitive occasionally.


Likes: Freaking people out (just before biting them O.o)

Dislikes: Vampire haters


Color: Blue

Clothing: Fancy/dressy

Place: Anywhere dark, dry, and comffy~ <3 (Like his bedroom in the castle)

Room in the house and why: Bedroom, he likes to sleep (simply put)

Food/drinks: Type O blood

Subject in school: Sparring class

Animal: Cats (hehe)

Least Favorite…

Clothing: Sloppy or if they smell

Place: ANYWHERE near sunlight

Subject in school: History (it reminded him of HOW much people hate vampires)

Simple Pleasures: Being in a safe/quiet place

Greater Pleasures: Being loved for who he is

Motto/Personal quote: "I don't care, lad…"

Mode of transportation: Foot, flying, and in any flying machine (when he doesn't feel like flying himself)

Most prized possession: The gold pendant which hangs from his belt.

Why?: When he was 9 or so, Gasky tired getting him out from underneath his bed… It was his mother who got him out by saying she had a gift for him. Coming out, Morrock wondered where this gift was. Quickly thinking, his mother gave him a map that led to the royal treasury. Once there, his mother told him he could have anything one thing there. Morrock chose the pendent…

Emotional Characteristics

Describe character's sense of morals: Doesn't believe in senseless killing (though he'll still kill).

What do they consider taboo (something they personally would never do): Anyone he likes/care about being with him. (People seem to get into trouble/hurt by vampire haters…)

Spontaneous or structured?: Structured, if worst comes to worst… he'll think of something quickly.

Instinctual or logical?: Both

How does this character act in public?: Proper but aware

How does this character act in privacy?: Relaxed yet still proper. He won't be shy to show his feelings for someone if he's alone with them.

How does this character act around strangers vs. how they act around friends?: Won't trust them whatsoever and sometimes may act like they're about to hurt him (aka = gets defensive).

How does this character act around family?: Completely relaxed and loose.

How has this character most changed from youth?: Become more aware of his surroundings.

How have they remained the same?: Brat-ish (does NOT throw a tantrum though)

Has this character dealt with the loss of someone they knew?: Yes

How does this character deal with or react to…

Conflict/Danger: Loves it

Rejection: Disappointed and wonders if it was because he's a vampire

Fear: Never really experienced it, so whenever it happens he doesn't control very well… He'll start having trouble breathing a little and if someone's nearby, he'll cling to them hoping/wanting to feel safe.

Loss: Gets depressed but then will quickly move on to forget it…

Sex/Flirting: Doesn't mind it

Guilt: He won't know what to do until he fixes whatever's making feel guilty.

Being wrong: Hate it

Being criticized: Wouldn't care

Being insulted (superficially: name calling, etc): He'd probably punch/'kill' the person (he won't actually 'kill' them but he'll rough them up a lot).

Offending others: Will do it if he doesn't like/trust them.

Praise: Will just say 'humph' and move on

Being loved: Never really experienced it so he probably wouldn't know what to do

Being hated: He's unfortunately use to it.

Humiliation: Despises it more than being wrong

How does this character express…

Anger: His eyes will narrow and grow.

Sadness: Tries to hide it as best as he can

Fear: His eyes will widen

Happiness/Excitement: Smile sheepishly/might accidentally hug anyone nearby him without knowing it until shortly after and get embarrassed.

Love (Consider the "Five Languages of Love"): He'll keep his metal hand away from the person as much as possible… Give 'butterfly kisses' and gentle cuirasses ('butterfly kisses' are like 'peeks' but even more softer/gentler)

Lust: Won't hold anything back but he'll try to be gentle.

Dislike (of a person, thing, or idea): He'll state you by something instead of your name.

Approval (of a person, thing, or idea): Will cover mouth with one hand a say really quietly (along the line of), well done/good work.

How does this character generally express themselves?: Likes to speak his mind when it's needed to.

What does this character think/feel about…

Marriage: Thinks it's the most horrible thing to do between two people who love each other.

Children: Doesn't mind them since he has his own

Family/Family Values: Encourages it

Children/Youth: Gets annoyed but still tolerates them

Old age: Has no problem with them

Sex: Likes it but he rather do that kinda thing with someone who loves him

Homosexuality: It all depends on the person… If he doesn't like them, he'll be cruel with how he speaks to them… If he gets to know them better, he'll protect them…

The opposite sex: Doesn't really care

The same sex: Doesn't care

Money/Material things: Thinks it's important to have a livable life

Religion: Doesn't care

Destiny/Duty: He believes things happen for a reason..

Magic/Myth: He USES and he doesn't really believe in myths unless he's seen otherwise.

Racism/Races in general: HATES racism with a burning passion, he doesn't mind other races

Science/Technology: Uses them on a daily basis

Nature/Animals: Doesn't mind them but also doesn't want them 'getting' on him (xD)

Their past: Hates it and rather forget it

Drugs and alcohol: Can't handle either one (might get horribly ill if he drinks alcohol)

Killing/Murder: It depends…

Education: Views it to be very important (though boring)

The foreign/unknown: Loves good mysteries

How does the character imagine his/her own death?: Going down by fighting or protecting his loved one…

What would the character like to change in his/her life?: That he wasn't a vampire…

What motivates this character?: Anger

Why?: Seeing vampires (even when they're not fully) being killed left-right without a second thought, as if they were pests.

What discourages this character?: His past

Why?: Remembering things he wished he could change just weighs his heart

What makes this character happy?: Finding out that someone doesn't care about him being half vampire

Why?: He's gone through so many haters that finding anyone who doesn't care about that kinda thing, makes him relieved/happy.

What makes this character sad?: Thinking of his wife

Why?: Remembering that the whole relationship/affection was fake

What makes this character angry?: Vampire haters

Why?: He's only half vampire but they pick-on him anyways

What humiliates this character?: If he shows himself crying

What most describes this character's personality?: Stubborn

Relationships with others (non-married)

Relationship Skills: Poor/slightly bad at it but he tries

Loves (non sexual):, Lusts:, Crushes:, Girlfriend/Boyfriend(s):, Other lover(s): No one

Marital status: Was married but now single

First crush:, Did it last?:, Why or why not?:, Best Friends: n/a

Friends: Gasky, Grace, Karland, K.T., D.O.Y. (and no I'm not kidding, that's his name. It stands for David Owllen Yellowroad), Alden, Vivian, AJ, Ness, Jack, Gunn, and many more… (O.O)

Confident/Mentor: Gasky Sunaj Laez

Hates: Austin (His father)

Dislikes: Zash (ARGH~! Those guys with blond hair and blue eyes! *points with disgust*)

What kind of person would s/he consider to be the perfect partner?: Someone who doesn't care what he is and will just love him for who he is.

How is s/he perceived by...

Strangers?: Creepy. Vampire haters; someone who is to be killed on sight

Friends?: Kinda creepy

Lovers?: Caring and devoted

What happens to change this perception if at all?:

Describe their sense of trust: (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) 0, he doesn't really trust anyone 'til he's gotten to know them.

How do they treat members of the opposite sex?: Doesn't speak with them much unless needed to

How do they treat members of the same sex?: Doesn't care

Do they know anyone who's died, and if so who and how were they affected?: Yes, his mother, father, and wife. Mother; loved her dearly and wished her death never happened. Father; hated him greatly… in fact, he's been happier with him gone. Wife; wish he never had to kill her but… it was either going to be him or her… Since he loved her, he regrets it…

Sex/Romantic Life

What do they consider to be a romantic setting/activity/date?: (Somewhere dry, derp~!) The moonlight engulfing every bit of the scenery… Feeling…relaxed   

Virgin?: No

Describe his/her sex life: To get a kid, him and his wife 'did it' as many times as they were able (…Wow O.o)

How often does this character have sex?: When he was still married, he had sex every week or so

How long can he/she go without sex?: …It's been more than a thousand years, I'm sure he can withstand a few more (days. HA)

How does this character feel emotionally after sex?: Content but tired (haha xD)

Does sex play an important role in their relationships, if so, how?: Only when a child is needed…

Turn-ons: Someone being the 'victim', being alone (with his lover), and giving his lover 'butterfly kisses' on their neck

Turn-offs: Pink and spiders (O.o)

Sexual perks: Relieving stress that he built up from the day (whenever he wakes up)

Sexual flaws: That his lover might be asleep when he wants to have sex

Usually on the top or bottom?: Top

Dominant or Submissive?: DOMIfreakinNANT

Describe their first sexual experience: Was tired and felt slightly unloved…

At what age?: 70

Was it planned/originally intended?: Intended

Was it consensual?: Not really

Have they ever impregnated someone, or been impregnated?: Yes

Have they ever had intercourse or a sexual experience with the same sex?: …

Family (they were raised with)

Immediate family members and their ages: Austin Wentz Lell, father – 7,216. Mother (unknown name)- 4,317.

Ethnicity and/or species of the mother: Vampire

Ethnicity and/or species of the father: Alfitarian

Are they still alive?: No

Did they raise this character?: Yes

What did they do for a living?: Father was the king of Lell while Morrock's mother was the queen and a mother.

Are they still together?: No

How did each parent treat the character, growing up?: Austin never really paid attention what his son was doing. Morrock's mother always clung her baby boy to her breast… (Overly babied him)   

How did the character treat each of their parents growing up?: Loved his mother with all his heart while he was slightly fearful of his father.

Favorite parent: Mother

Why?: She was always so loving to him…

Family (that they have created, if at all)

Partner(s): Morrock and (unknown name)

Is this their first marriage/family?: Yes

Are they legitimately married?: Yes

When did they get married?: When they were born but they didn't truly marry until Morrock was 50.

Children and their ages: Baby boy (name unknown) – Under two years old.

Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: None

Does the character believe in a god or goddess?: Not really

What are the character's spiritual beliefs?: That if there is a god up there, they must hate him…

Is religion or spirituality an important part of this character's life?: No

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Astrological Zodiac: Libra

Element: Lightning/air/wind

What If

If this character were an animal, what would they be?: Leopard

Why?: He likes to hunt at night (and he's catlike~! <3)

If this character were the opposite sex what would they…

Do?: Flirt

Say?: Less. Keep things bottled up inside

Feel?: More emotional

If this character were to be characterized by an object, what would it be?: A cape

Why?: A cape can symbolize that you want to hide something… He wants to hide a lot

What would/does happen if this character became physically handicapped, and how would that change them?: …He's already handicapped…

If they don't already, what would this character do/act like if they had a child?: HAS ONE! He can't really take care of him so he gave him to Gasky.


What song best fits this character?: Colors Of The Rainbow by Dj Skeptyk (AND~!) Whataya Want From Me? by Adam Lambert (Fonzerelli remix)

If you could compare this character to an existing character, who would s/he be and why?: Vincent from Final Fantasy 7 (and whatnot) and/or Magus from Chrono Trigger.

If you could choose an actor for this character, who would it be?: ALAN RICKMAN

If you could choose a voice actor for this character, who would it be?: ALAN freakin RICKMAN

Who/what was your character inspired by?: Myself, Magus (CT), and Vincent (FF7).

How the Character is Involved in the Story

Character's role in the story (main character? hero? Villain? etc): Villain at first and is then an iffy hero.

Scene where character first appears: Chapter 2, possessing Zash

Relationships with other characters: Is fine with everyone…except Zash, hates/doesn't like him.

Where, how and when did s/he first interact with other characters: All in chapter 2…

How Character is different at the end of the novel from when the novel began: He's much 'kinder'.

Additional Notes on This Character: I made the character when I was 12ish (I could've been younger)

If you use this form, please include the following tag:
Adaptations from The Writer's Guide to Character Traits
© Fyuvix. To fill out your own form, please see
This took freakin' forever!! :fork: (In fact, I started editing out more info since I thought there was enough said.) Unfortunately, they didn't let me mention anywhere how long his species lives for... They can live up to be thirteen thousand! :noes: (Why that's over 9,000! :rofl:) (So... technically, Morrock's super ass young. :blush:) I hope I didn't leave anything else out... :confused:

EDIT: Okay, HOPEFULLY you guys read THIS part and NOT read the whole thing again.. :o Cuz that'd be INSANE! Anyways, I only changed one thing which was with the question What song best fits this character? And I changed it to.. Colors Of The Rainbow by Dj Skeptyk (AND~!) Whataya Want From Me? by Adam Lambert (Fonzerelli remix).

By the way: I didn't mention anything along the lines of Bedürfen der Zuneigung cuz I just wanted to focus on things that actually happened in my old stories. :|

Morrock (c) :iconwillyknights:.

Original (blank) form done by: :iconfyuvix:.
To fill out your own form, please see [link]
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